SkinPhD Brooklyn


SkinPhD Brooklyn is a one stop nails, skin and body experience you will not easily forget. The friendly and efficient employees are sure to make you feel instantly welcome and will leave you impressed with unsurpassed results.

Service offerings
cosmeceutical facial treatments
The SkinPhD Cosmeceutical facial treatments are performed by highly skilled Aestheticians, using the highest concentration products containing the latest clinically proven ingredients, to offer you the results you deserve.
cosmeceutical peeling treatments
Many brands offering skin peeling treatments use acids. At SkinPhD you will receive so much more with our unique peeling concept. The SURFACE 2 CELL concept ensures effective peeling result and leaves active ingredients to heal and improve the skin for up to 6 weeks after your treatment.
hands and feet
Utilising only the best brands in the industry, you are sure to find what you are looking for. From a basic, natural look to the most outrageous nail art. Our pricing will make you smile, because at SkinPhD, beautiful hands, nails and feet does not have to cost you an arm or a leg.
non-medical face and body procedures
When looking for even more advanced results in the form of advanced equipment, is now at your fingertips. SkinPhD extensively researches equipment technology to offer you the latest and greatest.
hair removal services
Waxing is not just waxing at SkinPhD.

We use brands that offer wax that is good for your skin and less painful.
therapeutic body massages
Touch therapy and Aromacology are two of the best, natural healers. With our Aestheticians magic hands and with superiorly formulated oils, stress and tension will be a distant memory.
semi-permanent enhancements
At SkinPhD we believe in enhancing natural beauty. Who wants to apply make-up everyday if your skin is looking great enough to go without it? Let us take you to the next level in time saving by enhancing your natural beauty even further with offerings like permanent make-p, tinting, brow shaping, las curling and lash extensions.
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