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As a cosmeceutical range, our products rely on bio-active ingredients to provide beneficial changes in appearance of the skin, working beyond the skin’s surface to create true change.

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Knowing your skin is the first step. Complete our Skin Analysis to find the right products for your skin.

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Knowing your Skin
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We know confidence is linked to great skin, BUT KNOWING YOUR skin is the first step. SkinPhD knows skin.

We also know that your skin is a very personal matter and therfore, we focus on creating a personalised skincare journey tailored to your skin needs. This is where SkinPhD’s skin know-how, formulation expertise and the use of the most sought-after pharmaceutical ingredients at the right strength and combination, makes all the difference.


Become the franchisee of an aesthetic oasis that not only enhances but rejuvenates and sustains the beauty of your clients.

Our Services

In addition to its premier product range, SkinPhD salons offer aesthetic face and body treatments (including the award winning VelaShape III, FraxFaceTM and Cooltechtechnology).


Anita Bezuidenhout


“ SkinPhD is a fantastic salon where one gets wonderful and special treatment! The staff are always friendly and helpful with great advice”

Caren van Rooyen


“My favourite place to be... With the most amazing staff ”

Anita Bezuidenhout


“I would encourage every person (not just women) to research products that will not hinder their skin later. And I, personally, found such an asset for my skin at SkinPhD.”

James Amos


"Love this company and their products, absolutely the best skin care products on the planet."

Wayne Coetzee


" Since I started using SkinPhD products in my morning and night time routine, it helped my skin stay refreshed and clean. I really like how my skin feels after a good shower and some amazing skin PhD products."

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Just results, a memorable journey and the gift of confidence . . . that is our promise to you!