Why should I use a salon prescribed product and not any product I can buy over the counter?

There are 3 main ranges that are found in the skincare industry. The first being Cosmetics, are found in retail stores and are typically self prescribed. These products have lower levels of actives ingredients as they are formulated for mass market use. Cosmetics will typically improve the skin on a superficial level, thus not being able to create long term change in more serious skin conditions such as acne and hyperpigmentation. The second, as offered by SkinPhD, is Cosmeceuticals. These products create true change on a superficial and cellular level. Due to the higher levels of active ingredients, guidance is needed from an Aesthetic therapist as to which combination of products will give you superior results. Cosmeceuticals are developed to give maximum results without overly stimulating the skin and at the same time treat more serious skin conditions such as acne, hyperpigmentation and ageing effectively. Not only do cosmeceuticals treat a damaged skin but is also able to reverse damage to a certain degree. The third being Medical skincare come sin the form of basic topical products to counteract the side effects of internal medication usage.

How often can I come for a facial treatment?

The aim of facial treatments is to expose the skin to higher levels of active ingredients, compared to what is allowed in a homecare product. This ensures that we can speed up the time it takes to get to your desired result. There are various options that will fit every lifestyle and need, from condensed treatments for those that are time constrained to luxurious treatments with massaging to give optimal relaxation. No matter which you choose, results are always at the core of every treatment. We recommend a facial treatment every 2 – 4 weeks depending on the skin health and the desired results.

How often can I come for a Cosmeceutical peeling and/ore needling treatment?

Due to the higher level of active ingredients and the usage of acids it is imperative to work with the skin and not against it. A peeling and/ore needling treatment is recommended every 4 – 6 weeks which is i line with the skin’s natural cellular turnover rate of 29 to 40 days (depending on the skin health and age). Cosmeceutical peeling and/ore needling is the best option when dealing with serious skin concerns and long term skin issues. SkinPhD has uniquely formulated Cosmeceutical peels that will fit into your lifestyle and need for quick, visible results.

If I cannot afford a whole range, what should I buy?

It will be advised that you buy a cleanser, day cream and Sun protection factor. Using these 3 staple products will already assist in skin health improvement. Should you have more serious concerns, your Aesthetic therapist will advise you on the most important additions.

In what order should I use my products?
  • Cleanse in the morning and evening
  • Tone after cleansing, morning and evening
  • Apply eye creams/gels/serums
  • Apply facial serums over whole face
  • Apply neck serum/creams
  • Wait a few minutes while these products area absorbed
  • Then apply day/night creams respectively
  • Apply your additional SPF before applying make-up

Then you may do the following 2/3 times a week:

  • Apply the desired exfoliator
  • Apply the desired mask
Are facial treatments suitable for sensitive skins?

Yes, there is a variety of facial products and equipment available in our salons to ensure we do the treatment best suited to your skin and your skins needs. SkinPhD range contains bio-active ingredients that target sensitive and problematic skin. You will never use another skincare range once you have seen the results on your skin. Join us for a FREE Consultation.

Will the products cause any reaction?

Our products are naturally formulated and should not cause any reactions.

Your skin will go through a transitional phase where it may become more oily or dryer than normal in the process of restoring the oil and water balance in the skin. Breakouts may also occur in the first few months of use and some of the products may have a tingling sensation on areas of the skin that are dehydrated. Visit us for a FREE Consultation.

Can I do a facial treatment before I go on holiday?

The best option prior to your holiday would be a relaxing or detoxifying treatments as this will give you that holiday glow.

It is best to opt for a facial treatment that does not contain high levels of acids or Retinol as it may increase sun sensitivity. Leave the peeling and needling treatment for when you return from you holiday to repair any damage that the environment may have caused.

Can I have a facial treatment after medical aesthetic treatments i.e. dermal fillers and botox?

Prior to having these aesthetic treatments it is save to have any SkinPhD facial treatment.

We recommend waiting at least 7 days after the aesthetic treatment to ensure that aesthetic treatment results remain optimal.

Are facial treatments safe during pregnancy?

SkinPhD products and their ingredients do not pernitrate into the bloodstream and is therefor safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding. It is however important to note that due to an increase in hormonal levels and blood circulation, the skin may change dramatically. For this reason we recommend opting for relaxing facial treatments.

Do not start a new routine during pregnancy and rather avoid treatments you have never had before.

Please inform your aesthetic therapist that you are pregnant or breastfeeding and can therefore have no treatment that includes electrical equipment.

From what age can you start using SkinPhD products and doing facial treatments?

Prevention is better then cure. Due to the way that SkinPhD formulate our products it is safe to use from the age of 7 and upwards. Past generations’ biggest mistake was waiting to long before starting a proper skincare routine.

Start sooner rather then later and your skin will thank you.

Why should I use an exfoliator and a mask?

An exfoliator is one of the key products that will improve your skin health at a much quicker rate due to the removal of dead skin cells and stimulation of healthy cellular growth. It will also benefit you greatly by imparting a immediate healthy glow.

A mask (based on its formulation) will either offer addition nourishment, enhanced cellular stimulation or detoxification. When you feel that your skin needs a boost of some kind a mask would be the perfect choice.

Why should I use a day and night cream?

A day cream has a lighter formulation and will help protect against environmental damage while a night cream has a richer formulation and will help repair and restore the skin in it resting phase while you sleep.

Should I use a SPF?

Using a sun protection product daily is non-negotiable when residing in South Africa. Do not purchase moisurisers with a build in sun protection factor as you will loose the option of having more active ingredients to create a true difference on the skin.

A SPF is only effective for a maximum of 2 hours after application. It should therefore be reapplied every 2 hours.