Professor Walter Aubrey Parsons

Professor Walter Aubrey Parsons
Senior International Cosmetic Research Scientist

Professor Aubrey Parsons ranks among the Senior International Cosmetic Research Scientists. He is currently an Honorary Senior Researcher at the University of South Africa, specializing in Botanical extracts and related natural materials for the skincare and Nutraceutical industries. He serves on the editorial board of the International Society of Cosmetic Dermatology and lectures extensively at various academic institutes globally.

Born and studied in Johannesburg South Africa, still living in the same area which is close to his alma mater where he lectures. His last 35 years of employment was in fragrance, skincare and flavour food industry at the Bayer Organisation. Aubrey has been elected as a fellow of the Flavour-Fragrance Society. Involved with Palm oil and the resultant Toco-Trienols which is a blessing to future skincare. Currently Aubrey is involved in the research and development for SkinPhD which occupies a leading position in the modern skincare industry, as a result of continuous research based on the latest international scientific data and implementation thereof.

As a member of the pioneering South African team who introduced indigenous oils to the rest of the world, Aubrey has spent a large portion of the last 50 years researching in this field and their respective application in the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. He is responsible for creating new skincare brands for the South African market and has been involved in creating numerous flavours and fragrances that have been incorporated into several market products. Aubrey was responsible in creating a special perfume for the late Barbara Barnard, wife of heart transplant pioneer Chris Barnard.

To date, he has reviewed 152 Scientific books for Publishers. He serves on numerous Scientific Committees in an advisory capacity. He has delivered numerous Keynote addresses at International Skincare Conferences. Aubrey has received numerous awards for research and service to the Academia and Industry. This exceptional alumnus is well known on the International and local media circuit, having written 220 lectures and articles, participating in 18 television programs and conducted 4 two-hour live radio phone in programs on ethnic foods, correct eating and nutrition.

Aubrey is more than likely to be represented in your home’s food cupboard, bathroom cupboard or beverage compliment as he has taken part in the formulations for well known brands such as Amarula, Cream Soda, Bio-oil, Nimue skin technology, Kalahari skincare, 365 Skin Workout skincare and many more.

Herewith a summarised list of further involvement in industries:

  • Microbiology-related projects
  • Investigating body bacteria flora and odours related to mentally unstable persons
  • Addressed the wives of the members of parliament on the subject of “Cosmetics and Perfumery – Do we understand them”
  • Been involved with the development, Organisation and presentation of many workshops related to sensory evaluation, flavour and fragrance chemistry and flavour and fragrance applications offered as a joint UJ/SAAFFI short course 2006-7 and as a qualification in 2008-9
  • Have been seconded to work on certain confidential research projects with the SA Defense Force