Wayne Coetzee

Wayne Coetzee
SkinPhD Ambassador

As a fitness model having great skin is very important for my career. I’ve always been a simple man when it came to skincare and grooming. Who needs more than a bar of soap and shampoo? Then I tried some products from SkinPhD and started doing skin facials with them, and I’ve been addicted ever since.

The first time I visited SkinPhD I was positively surprised at the very high quality of service that was offered there.

They have affordable and high-quality skincare products for anyone and everyone.
I like recommending these products because I know they work and the salon treatments are amazing.
The therapists at SkinPhD have been so helpful in choosing what was best for my skin type and I was totally converted after my first visit.

SkinPhd make sure I get the best results by giving me specialised treatments suitable for my skin and a homecare plan to follow.

I always make sure to take some time in the morning and evening for “me time”. I start my day working out and follow with my morning skincare routine. Since I started using SkinPhD products in my morning and night time routine, it helped my skin stay refreshed and clean. I really like how my skin feels after a good shower and some amazing skin PhD products.

I can see and feel such difference in my skin, my skin feels smooth and hydrated.